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Many people on the South Shore of Montreal trust SPA Bêtes Mobile and are satisfied with our professional and precise work. Take a look at some of our clients’ testimonials!


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Marc and Lucie from Boucherville :

“AMAZING! Carole has been taking care our little Maggie’s grooming needs for two years now. It is important to us that the person taking care of her loves animals and it is apparent that Carole loves what she does. When she protects Maggie from the cold by putting inside her coat, it is so reassuring. And the grooming equipment is super clean! Carole is attentive to what we want for Maggie. Isn’t it wonderful that all of this takes place at home thanks to SPA Bête’s mobile service!”

Claude and Denise :

“Pinocchio is an 8 year old shih tzu weighing almost 29 lbs. Every month, he frequents the spa. And what a spa! The one that comes to you, SPA BÊTE! Every time Carole grooms our dog, he comes out prim and proud. We are very satisfied with Carole’s services and do not hesitate to recommend her. Pinocchio agrees, and informs us that Carol is more than a groomer, she’s a friend.”


“Carole and Spa Bête’s services are impeccable. She is attentive and loving towards our little four-legged friends. She is very gentle and executes her work perfectly. And the home-based service is very practical. Thanks for everything Carole!”


“Skipbo and I want you in our lives for a long time! Skipbo is a very calm little dog. But when came grooming time, it was hell on earth. No one wanted to take him to the groomer’s because he kept whimpering. It was way too difficult! One day, I had the great idea to look up home grooming on the internet and what luck! I met Carole, who arrives on time, and takes my little to be groomed in her on-site dog lab, and he comes out of there clean. In addition to being beautiful, he is calm and quiet. Before, I had to leave my dog with the groomer for an entire morning, not knowing how long he would be staying in a cage. No cages with Carole, just a lot of love for my little dog. Thanks Carole!”


“A couple of years ago, as I was returning from vacation, I found out that my cat had been sprayed by a skunk! Without hesitation, I called Spa Bêtes Mobile. Carole knew right away how to put my cat at ease. Miss Pinotte, a 6-pound kitty with lots of character, got through the whole session without whining or scratching. She came back with soft fur, smelling divine! Thank you Carole for your passion and devotion in your work on a daily basis.

This crisis was averted. I dearly recommend Carole’s services!”


“I’ve been very pleased with your services over the past 3 years. Thank you so much!”


“Toby, Gizmo, Dixie and Adi all thank you for your patience and caring nature. It is not always easy to groom a dog that has been traumatized in the past. Thank you for watching over Toby and his allergy problems: your shampoo has done miracles! Carole, your work is really exceptional! P.S.: Pet grooming services at home are awesome!”


“You can trust Mrs Toulouse for the grooming of your pet!

For many years, I’ve been satisfied with her services, and so has my Maltese! Before, my dog was always coming back from grooming salons anxious from being kept in a cage. For a couple dollars more, the at-home service is really worth it!

Furthermore, you can leave your home keys with Carole if you don’t happen to be home for the grooming session. You’ll find your pet squeaky clean and relaxed when you get back!

It is with pleasure and without hesitation that I recommend Carole Toulouse.”


“We have been trusting Carole with the grooming of our Maltese for the past 10 years, and the same goes for our female shih tzu. Dogs really feel at ease with Carole, we highly recommend her.”

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